Tips For Purchasing Refurbished Medical Equipment

7 July 2016
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Running a medical practice or surgery center can be very expensive, which is why the lower price of refurbished medical equipment can be very appealing. When you buy carefully, refurbished medical equipment can be an excellent option that is great for your bottom line. Use the following tips for purchasing refurbished medical equipment:

Look for the Right Equipment

Not all refurbished medical equipment is a good value. It is best to avoid equipment that generally sustains a lot of wear and tear, such as instruments and tools that are used daily in general surgery or OB/GYN practices. It is also a good idea to cautious about investing in refurbished equipment such as cameras and other imaging tools since technology is developing quickly in these areas and you don't want to purchase something that is a few years old and close to obsolete.

However, there are many types of refurbished medical equipment that are well worth the money and can save your practice or surgery center thousands of dollars. Look for stretchers, surgical tables, IV pumps, stainless steel medical equipment, anesthesia machines, operating room lights, warming cabinets, and patient care monitors.

Choose a Vendor Carefully

Some medical practices and surgery centers steer clear of refurbished medical equipment because they are afraid that they will end up wasting money on junk. Luckily, if you choose a refurbished medical equipment vendor carefully, you will most likely receive high-quality equipment that you can use for years at a discounted price. When you request a quote for refurbished medical equipment, find out what type of warranty the company offers, and whether there is a money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your purchase.

It is also very important to understand the refurbishing process that the company uses. A reputable refurbished medical equipment company should be able to clearly explain the process their equipment goes through so you can be confident that what you're purchasing is safe, sterilized, and ready to use in your medical practice or surgery center. 

Don't forget to ask if the company has full-time biomedical technicians on staff. You want to buy from a company that employs biomedical technicians, as that ensures that a trained professional carefully examines the medical equipment after the refurbishing process to make sure that everything has been done correctly. When a company has a strict quality assurance protocol in place, offers a good price on equipment, and has favorable warranty terms, you should feel safe buying from them. 

If you'd like to buy refurbished surgical tables, sterilizers, or other used medical equipment, check with a dealer in your area.