Find Out How a Hearing Aid Helps You Avoid Debilitating Depression

18 July 2016
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If you suffer from hearing loss, you may find you also have bouts of unexplainable sadness and frustration. If this sounds familiar, you should know you are not alone. Studies are finding that in the millions of people suffering with slight to severe hearing loss, the risk of also experiencing depression is high. Learn more about how your ability to hear impacts your mental health and how hearing aids can help you avoid serious feelings of depression.

How Hearing Loss Impacts Social Interaction

One of the reasons many people experience remarkable sadness when they have trouble hearing is because they avoid normal social interaction. Some people are embarrassed because they cannot understand what their peers are saying while others feel left out during conversations. No matter what your reasons are for avoiding social interaction because of hearing loss, the results are the same: sadness and loneliness. This can be especially true for someone that has been used to socializing on a regular basis. The longer your hearing loss goes unchecked, the longer you may experience loneliness that is likely to lead you into depression. Having your hearing loss checked can mean your getting a hearing aid that would make a huge difference in your social life. Bear in mind that there are hearing aids that are not visible to people around you, so if you have put off getting one because you think it would be embarrassing to wear one, you can get one that no one will know is there.

The Reason You May Be Irritable and Anxious         

When you have trouble hearing, you may find that asking your friends and family over and over what they are saying to you can cause you to be irritable. When you are irritable a lot of the time because you can't hear what your loved ones are saying, they may not understand, and they may develop hurt feelings. Hearing loss because of this reason can cause anger and animosity between you and your family and friends. However, if you take the time to have your hearing checked and get a hearing aid, you will have an easier time hearing your family and friends.

If you have put off visiting your physician about your hearing loss, doing so can help you get back a normal life free from sadness, depression, and anger. Contact your doctor now if you are ready to hear what's going on around you.