3 Reasons Why Latex Gloves Are Better Than Nitrile Gloves For Tattoo Artists

20 July 2016
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If you are a tattoo artist, one of your important health and safety decisions is what type of gloves you will use when tattooing clients. It is important to use medical grade gloves for each client and switch gloves between each client. Additionally, you may want to switch gloves when you take a break and return to the same client. Medical grade gloves resist punctures and help prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. The two most common glove choices are latex gloves and nitrile gloves. While it is a good idea to have some of each on hand in case a client has an allergy to one or the other, there are several reasons why your default glove choice should be latex. 

Latex Is Less Likely to Diminish Your Touch Sensitivity 

Latex gloves are generally thinner and more supple than nitrile gloves. This gives you greater touch sensitivity and increased motion control, which can allow you to complete more detailed work and avoid slipping while you are tattooing, even after the gloves pick up oil or blood. A quality, well-fitted pair of latex gloves can feel almost as if you are not wearing gloves at all. 

Latex Is More Form-fitting 

Although advances are being made in nitrile gloves, they are still slightly less elastic than latex. Because of this, it can be difficult to get an appropriate fit. Gloves that are easy to put on may feel too loose and may negatively impact your work. Alternatively, gloves that offer a snug fit may be more difficult to put on than their latex counterparts. 

Latex Is Cheaper

Latex gloves are slightly cheaper than nitrile gloves. While the overall cost of gloves compared to the price of a tattoo is often minor, saving a few cents on each pair of gloves can add up over the years, especially if you tend to do smaller tattoos, meaning you have a high turnover of clients and need to use more pairs of gloves each day. 

Whether you choose latex or nitrile gloves, it is important to practice proper glove hygiene while you are working with clients. This includes replacing your gloves if they become punctured or torn and staying aware of how the gloves impact your artistic performance. If you notice your hands sweating or become irritated by the gloves, you should take a break, wash your hands, and put on a new set of gloves. 

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