3 Tips For Running A Fire Department

20 January 2017
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Are you in charge of the fire department in your small town and want to improve the safety of firefighters? It is also important to make sure the firefighters are properly equipped for helping people that are trapped inside of burning buildings. With the right kind of policies and equipment, you make sure the fire department is run with the fullest extent of professionalism. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the things that can be done to make improvements.

1. Make Sure Strict Policies Are in Place

It is important for there to be strict policies that your firefighters must abide by. The policies are not only good for their own safety, but also for the safety of people that they help when out on the field. For example, all drivers of the fire trucks should be required to buckle up. If anyone fails to abide by a policy, it is your responsibility to make sure that the proper disciplinary actions are taken. Safety policies should be taken seriously because it can decrease the risk of firefighters getting injured. Make sure the policies are posted around the fire department in case anyone wants to review them.

2. Encourage the Firefighters to Stay Healthy

The health of each firefighter plays a major role in the success of the overall fire department. It is important for the firefighters to stay on top of their health at all times. You can encourage the firefighters to stay fit by joining a gym, playing sports, or simply going for daily jogs. It is also worth considering placing gym equipment in the fire department if there is any space for it. Learning how to eat healthy is another important thing that should be taught to your team.

3. Invest in the Right Kind of Safety Equipment

No matter how many skills or how healthy firefighters are, their safety will be at risk without the right kind of equipment. Other than the typical suits that firefighters wear when putting out fires, they must also be able to see people that are trapped inside of buildings. Make sure your firefighters are equipped with bright lights that can be attached to their helmets. The lights will allow them to keep their hands free for helping victims, while also seeing through the thick smoke. Guillotine cutters, fire axes, crash axes, harnesses, and thermal imagers are a few of the other types of equipment that will come in handy. Contact a company like The Lunatick Fire and EMS Store to learn more.