Benefits Of A CPAP Machine With A Heated Hose

1 September 2021
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When shopping for a Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) machine and its related accessories, many buyers often focus on details such as how quietly the machine operates and how comfortable the mask is. There's no question that these things are important, but another thing that you'll want to consider is the hose that connects the machine to the mask. Not only will you need to choose a machine that has a hose of an appropriate length, but you'll also need to decide whether you want a heated hose. Many machines have heated hoses, and this simple feature can offer you the following benefits:

No Condensation

A primary reason that people use CPAP machines with heated hoses is to reduce the amount of condensation that can build up inside of the hose. Without the heating function, condensation can sometimes be an issue, resulting in droplets of water potentially dripping out of the mask onto your face. This is an issue that is commonly known as "rainout" among people who use CPAP machines. Over the course of the night, even just a few drops of water escaping the mask here and there can cause considerable dampness. When you use a heated hose, you won't have to worry about condensation.

Increased Comfort

Some people who use CPAP machines find that warmer air feels more pleasant as it enters their airway. Without the heated hose, you may be aware of the air feeling cool — a sensation that might not feel all that good to you. The ability to warm the air temperature to your preferred level can be essential to helping you relax and quickly drift off to sleep.

Stay Warm More Easily

If you're the type of person who is often cold at night, especially during the winter months, an added bonus of using a heated hose is that you'll be able to feel the heat from the hose as it rests on your upper chest or shoulder. Just as you might occasionally take a heat pack to bed with you to warm you up and offer some comfort, the heat from the hose may be appealing. Your body also won't need to warm up the air you inhale, helping you conserve heat. 

Visit a supplier of medical equipment to look at its different CPAP machine models, including those that have heated hoses. Speak to a salesperson to learn more about this product.