What You Need To Consider To Find The Right Chair Lift Recliner

17 February 2023
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Chair lift recliners are something you may need for different reasons. You may have issues with standing after a hip injury. You may also have severe vertigo or other issues that make standing quickly a problem. A chair lift recliner can assist with many of these issues. This is due to the controlled way the chair lifts the body slowly without straining the muscles or joints. If you are in the market for a new chair lift, here are some things you should consider to help find the right one. 


One of the first things you need to consider is what types of positions you want. The standard chairs include two positions or three positions. These positions deal with the angle you are sitting in and the available angles you have for adjustment. For most people, the 45-degree angle and fully reclined angles are enough. However, if you have multiple issues, you may find you need a chair with more positions. There are also an increasing number of reclining chair lifts that have multiple positions available including programmable options. 

Tray Attachments

If you find you are in your chair most of the day, accessories can be important. One of the more popular accessories deals with tray attachments. These attachments allow you to have space for a book, project, tablet, or even a small laptop. This allows you to work on various projects while you are sitting. Without these tray accessories, working on these projects may be near to impossible since many mobile desks may not fit near or around your current recliner. 

Pillow or Standard

You may find that you need more comfort for your back, head, and neck when you are in your reclining lift chair for an extended period of time. Many reclining chair lifts offer a pillow-back option. This option allows you to have built-in comfort from your head to your lower back. If you experience back issues, neck strain, and headaches, this type of back can be ideal. When you are looking for the right chair for yourself, make sure the chairs you like do have this feature. If you are unsure if the chair does, ask your chair dealer. 

By keeping these key points in mind, you can narrow down the many chair lifts to the ones that work best for you. When you are ready to buy the recliner of your choice, contact a supplier. They can show you the chairs they have in stock and answer questions about each. They can also help you find the one that is most comfortable for you depending on your health issues and needs.